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Thermo-Shield® Clear Coat is a tough acrylic coating designed to seal, preserve, protect and rejuvenate a variety of substrates. As a result of its low viscosity and microscopic penetrating properties, Thermo-Shield® Clear Coat locks into the substrate to produce a water-repellency barrier. Additional chemical agents are added to resist mold, mildew and fungus growth.
This product is also designed to give Thermo-Shield® Roof Coat, Thermo-Shield® Wall Coats, Stucco Shield and Tank Shield a glossy surface. This product will also protect white surfaces from the effects of smog and automobile gas pollution. It is non-toxic and friendly to the environment. It is completely washable and highly resistant to dirt pick-up. This water-based coating is made from an acrylic resin and dries to a beautiful, non-yellowing, clear and shiny / glossy finish.

Thermo-Shield® Clear Coat was specifically engineered and developed as a penetrating sealer for use on surfaces such as asphalt / asbestos / fiberglass and cedar shake shingles, fiberglass and polycarbonate skylights, concrete, brick, stucco, synthetic and natural stone, slate, brick / barrel / concrete and clay tiles, aluminum and metal surfaces.
It is also applied as a glossy coat on Thermo-Shield® Roof Coat, Exterior Wall Coats, Stucco Shield or Tank Shield, or as extra protection against smog stains on white Thermo-Shield® Roof Systems. This coating will give a lasting shine without getting dull, cracking or peeling. Use over white Roof Coat in carbon-polluted environments. Smog and pollution fallout in the air can turn the surface of white Roof Coats into a gray color; Thermo-Shield® Clear Coat will prevent this from happening.

All surfaces must be clean, dry and free of dust, dirt, oil, grease and mildew. Remove any trace of mildew by washing with a solution that kills mildew spores. Old paint/coating or residue that is loose or peeling must be removed by scraping, sanding, wire brushing or pressure washing. Avoid using cleaners with built-in wax or silicone additives since this may affect coating bond. Make any necessary repairs or replacements to damaged or leaking roof material. Rusty metal surfaces should be primed with the proper material, see Thermo-Shield® Metal Primer.
Note: To assure proper adhesion to the substrate, a small test area is recommended prior to full project application. Coat test area, wait minimum 72 hours (at 75 degrees F / 24 degree C and 70% relative humidity) and then check the test area for adhesion. The coating should have become securely bonded to the substrate.

Natural Clear when dry.

Be sure to use a clean brush or roller to avoid contaminating the product with other pigments or color. Apply with a brush, roller (1 1/4” Nap), or airless spray equipment (see details below).
If applied directly onto a variety of existing substrates for protection, preservation and sealing: Apply 0.4 L / m² (100 square feet / gallon) with 2 coats minimum application.
If applied over Thermo-Shield® Roof Coats, Exterior Wall Coats, Tank Shield or Stucco Shield to achieve a glossy finish: Apply 1 liter / 9.7 to 14.5 m² (395 to 590 square feet / gallon) with a 1 coat application.

To set: 2 hours
To re-coat: 12 hours
At 24 Deg C (75 Deg F) and 50% relative humidity
Drying time is retarded by very high humidity. Do not apply at temperatures below 50 Deg F. Coating should have ample time to surface dry before evening dew sets or it is rained upon.

Roller or airless spray application is recommended. Very small areas may be brushed.
Airless Sprayer:
Tip Orifice: .0517 inches (minimum)
Atomizing Pressure: 2000 psi (minimum)
Fan Spread: 60 Degrees
Pump: Minimum 0.5 gallon per minute
Prime pump with water before attempting to spray Thermo-Shield® Clear Coat.

Clean tools and equipment with warm soapy water. Rinse with clean water; flush mineral spirits through spray equipment to prevent rusting and to lubricate packing and gaskets.

3.3 gallon (12.5 Liter) pails, 5 gallon (19 Liter) pails and Lined 55 gallon (209 Liter) drums.

Net weight per gallon: 3.9 kg (8.6 lbs)

Store at minimum 1 Deg C (33.8 Deg F) - maximum 30 Deg C (86 Deg F)

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