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SPM Thermo-Shield® Inc., Located in Naples, Florida USA, was incorporated in January 1992 when the Thermo-Shield® Company was purchased from its developer General Industries Corporation of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Thermo-Shield® Paint & Coatings were developed by General Industries Corporation, a chemical and technology specialty company in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It took General Industries Corporation 7 years of research and development, preparation and rigorous testing to develop their "PERFECT" Roof Coating, a product designed with the goal "TO CURE ALL ROOFING PROBLEMS".

General Industries Corporation was not working alone:

ROHM AND HAAS, the resin supplier, worked closely in developing and providing the very special resins needed to accomplish this task.

3M worked with General Industries Corporation to determine what the ideal ceramic particles were to be most efficient for insulation of buildings and to best reflect and dissipate solar radiant energy and ultraviolet light. These ceramics were derived from the ceramics used in the SPACE SHUTTLE technology, which have a tremendous ability to reflect and dissipate heat and act as nonconductors.  These microspheres were incorporated into a water-based, non-toxic, easy to use, long lasting, elastomeric coating.  Thermo-Shield®’s SPACE AGE TECHNOLOGY is now available for your home, business and other protective paint and coatings needs.


Much of the SPACE SHUTTLE technology was developed in the Colorado Springs Area and some of these engineers were available for consultation to help determine how this space age information could be incorporated into building paint and coatings for more energy efficient homes, businesses and industrial uses.

Thermo-Shield® Roof Coatings have been on the market since 1984 and early applications are still water tight, flexible and holding up well even on flat roofs with standing water.  The Exterior and Interior Coatings from Thermo-Shield® have been providing trouble-free protection on buildings since 1986 and still looking great. 

In 1992, a synthetic stucco was added to the Thermo-Shield®  line of coatings to provide the customer with an elastomeric Stucco that is resistant to cracking, applies like a wall paint  offers  long life, water proofing and insulating benefits of our other paints & coatings.  


In 1997, Thermo-Shield® added Tank Shield, a highly efficient, energy saving, flexible coating specifically designed to protect and lower the external surface temperature of storage vessels and pipelines.  The same year Thermo-Shield® introduced Wood & Deck Coat, a resin based wood sealer that penetrates and locks wood fibers together providing longer lasting water resistance while enhancing wood grain and leaving a beautiful clear finish.

All Thermo-Shield® products are “GREEN” and protective of the environment.  

For nearly 30 years Thermo-Shield® paint & coatings have been outperforming, outlasting and providing energy savings to our clients around the globe.  To see all the advantages and benefits of Thermo-Shield® Paint & Coatings -    

Protective Ceramic Coating
National Geographic 12/1993
Space Shuttle Columbia gets glass ceramic tiles replaced, Thermo Shield Coatings were developed using this space age technology.
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