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Green Products
Thermoshield Protective Paints

Thermo-Shield® is an elastomeric water-based pure acrylic resin system, filled with hollow, vacuumed, sodium borosilicate, ceramic, micro spheres.  Thermo-Shield® is made of totally synthetic state-of-the-art materials, so it is not subject to rapid breakdown like traditional coatings.  All of the ingredients are synthetic.  Most other paints and coatings use organic materials (natural ingredients) that are broken down by nature by things like thermal shock (extreme heat or cold), ultra violet light, ozone decay, wind, rain, snow, hail, sand abrasion, chemicals, dirt and air pollution.  Other paints and coatings fade, get hard, crack, peel, decay, turn chalky and crusty or simply just decompose.  Thermo-Shield®’s unique ingredients overcome all these problems.

National Geographic 12/1993
Seconds after emerging from an oven, a cube of ceramic can be safely held by its corners while the interior glows at 2200 º F.
Thermoshield Solar Reflective Index

How do Thermo-Shield® Paint & Coatings differ from the typical products in the marketplace today?

Thermo-Shield® has been imitated, but never equalled.  Even our name has been misused by others trying to sell “so called” Thermo-Shield® products.  Our manufacturing process know-how and product formula are locked away like the Coca Cola® formula. Do not be fooled by imitators outside of the United States, specifically in Europe, Australia and South Africa that use our Thermo-Shield® name.  The ORIGINAL, GENUINE MADE IN THE U.S.A. Thermo-Shield® products are manufactured and available only through SPM Thermo-Shield®, Inc. and our authorized distributors.  

SPM Thermo-Shield® Inc. offers a full line of premium quality “GREEN” non-hazardous, water based, energy saving, protective paint & coatings designed for a wide range of Architectural, Industrial, Roofing, and Do-It-Yourself applications.  Thermo-Shield® products were developed in conjunction with scientists from the space and ceramics industries and have been on the market since 1984 with remarkable success.  Thermo-Shield® is Energy Star Certified by the U.S. Department of Energy, Certified by UL (Underwriter Laboratories) as well as being Certified by CRRC (Cool Roof Rating Counsel).

Thermo-Shield® products were specifically designed and developed to solve all the problems found in common paint and roofing products.  Thermo-Shield® products longevity is unsurpassed even under the most severe conditions and climates, and quickly pay for themselves in ENERGY SAVINGS.




The Department of Maintenance in PWD Abu Dhabi solved leaking problems over its VIP area with Thermo-Shield® Roof Coat in 1998. The areas between the skylights had just received a new membrane, which started leaking right away due to the strong effects of the local weather.  Thermo-Shield®’s outstanding polymers and resins cured the problem.  

The concrete roof of this mosque between the two bridges in Abu Dhabi was coated with Thermo-Shield® Roof Coat as the only waterproofing and thermal insulation to protect it.  Abu Dhabi 1998, Abu Dhabi Town Planning Department.

Zayed Sport City’s New Bowling Center – a Thermo-Shield® Application for waterproofing and thermal insulation. 1998